Reach the International Travelling Shopper
on the road!
Do you have difficulties to attract international travelling Shoppers to your offline store?
Do you wonder how to reach the Travelling Shopper while he is on the road?

We proudly present to you the solution for your challenges:

Mobile Marketing!

Mobile Marketing gives you the opportunity to communicate the Travelling Shoppers directly via their mobile devices!
Reach them while they are in your destination.


Target Group Specific

Ad material is presented only to predefined target group.

Destination Based

Ad material is sent out based on the location to generate valuable leads.

Mobile Device

The majority uses their mobile devices as primary internet source.

Real Time Targeting

Reaches targets as soon as they are in the destination.

How does it work?

  • Target arrives in the destination
  • Target turns on mobile device
  • Ad server recognizes location of target
  • Ad server identifies target group characteristics
  • Ad material chosen based on location and characteristics
  • Ad server books Ad space visible to target
  • Ad displayed in Apps & on Websites
  • Target clicks on Ad
  • Target is redirected to landingpage


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